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The Gnomes each bring an enormous wealth of musicianship, artistry and joy to the music they create together. Their shows are organic and community-minded, while their music transforms the audience into 'world-music-citizens'. It's what happens when an Irish tune morphs into a tango or a reggae song; or a Scandinavian tune meets a Cajun waltz or perhaps a song in Chinese! Then, you know you've been "gnomed"!

The Gnomes have just finished their 3rd cd, "Live at the Blackstone River Theatre"!! You can purchase this at our shows, or order directly from Cathy ([email protected]) for $15 (which includes shipping costs), or purchase locally at Books on the Square (with free gift-wrapping!) on Angell St., in Wayland Square, Providence, RI. Be sure to check out our other albums, "Everybody Must Get Gnomed" and "To The Dance Floor."

The Gnomes | Appearing Live CD | Blackstone River Theater
The Gnomes Live at the Blackstone River Theatre
A live recording of their concert at the BRT on October 15th, 2011. This cd captures the joy & energy of that evening's performance. Phil Edmonds (button accordion, Irish whistles, vocals); Cathy Clasper-Torch (fiddle, keyboard, vocals); Mike Fischman (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, vocals); Peter Breen (bass, vocals); Ron Schmitt (percussion). Playlist includes:
  1. Beauty of Love (Kofi Bentil & the Osagyefo Band, Senegal)
  2. Her Long Dark Hair (Irish trad.)/White Bird (It's a Beautiful Day)
  3. Opus Phil in B minor (Phil Edmonds)
  4. Mahk Jchi--Heartbeat Drum Song (Pura Fe)
  5. Sit Right Here (Roscoe Gordon)/The Phil Rap (Phil Edmonds)/Mango Tango (Phil Edmonds)
  6. O'Carolan's Draught (Turlough O'Carolan) The Sweeps (Irish trad.)
  7. Do it Twice (Bob Marley)/Don't Look Back (Smokey Robinson/Ronald White)
  8. A Finnish Fling (Finnish trad.)/ Urge for Going (Joni Mitchell)
  9. Niel Gow's Lament (Niel Gow)
  10. Philippo Edmondo's Polkas (Phil Edmonds)

Everybody Must Get Gnomed
Released November 2008
"'Everybody Must Get Gnomed' is the groaner of a title that THE GNOMES picked for their excellent new disc . Rhode Island traditional-music masters Phil Edmonds (whistle and accordion) and Cathy Clasper-Torch (fiddle) team up with local stalwarts Otis Read (guitar, vocals), Peter Breen (bass, vocals) and Ron Schmitt (percussion) for a global gallop through Celtic, Russian, Scandinavian and Hassidic instrumental traditions as well as singer-songwriter lyrical songs from Read." --Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal, November 6, 2008.
  1. Let's Get Gnomed/Korabushka/Slavic Holiday 5:04  SAMPLE
  2. Hassidic Melody/Boys of the Lough/Monaghan Twig 4:39  SAMPLE
  3. Sit Right Here/Pauline's Tange 7:35  SAMPLE
  4. Philippo Edmondo's Polkas 5:52  SAMPLE
  5. Imagine Peace 4:16  SAMPLE
  6. John Doherty's March/Kaptain Bille 4:00  SAMPLE
  7. Pomp and Pride 4:40  SAMPLE
  8. Shetland Set 3:29  SAMPLE
  9. Via Umbria 4:47  SAMPLE
  10. You've Got a Home 4:59  SAMPLE
  11. Waterfall 2:54  SAMPLE
  12. Finn Yenta/Laner V'livsamim 5:13  SAMPLE


"Their music is guaranteed to get you moving and grooving."
— John Fuzek, Motif Magazine Roots Music Writer

"'Everybody Must Get Gnomed' is the groaner of a title that THE GNOMES picked for their excellent new disc."
— By Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal

"...The Gnomes have negotiated a beautiful and broadly international feast here, with ideas, decisions, temperance and turns that keep a brisk, organic pace."
— G.W. Mercure, Motif Magazine Review

To The Dance Floor
  1. Two Finnish Tunes/Gotta Dance 5:28
  2. St. Ruth's/The Everyday Reel 5:00
  3. To the Dance Floor 5:18
  4. Cantares de mi Tierra 3:38
  5. A Finnish Fling 7:39
  6. The Celtic Lamb 3:54
  7. Dunkeld Hermitage/Roscommon Hunt/Roy Rogers Comes to Killaloe 4:08
  8. Fjallnas/Mango Tango 6:06
  9. For Those No Longer With Us 3:17
  10. Kilda's March/Kilda's Wedding/Tam Lin's/Rolling in the Rye Grass 5:24


There is little more satisfying to a musician, painter, or any true lover of the arts than to see master craftsmen celebrating their skills.
— By Don DiMuccio, Motif Magazine

There is not a tune here that you do not feel like playing again after you've heard it.
— By Arthur Ketchen, Celtic Beat Magazine


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